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The Rhode Island shoreline is a living museum of architectural treasures. Various renowned architects and distinguished landscape designers have left their mark on our Town-by-the-Sea. Take a stroll with us as we delve into the architectural brilliance of 4 legendary residences: Sturges at 194 Poppasquash Travel, Boothden, Bancroft Home, and Anna Pell Residence.

Sturges at 194 Poppasquash Push: Timeless Sophistication by Philemon Sturges

Bristol, Rhode Island

For enthusiasts of mid-century architecture, this home is a accurate gem a single-stage marvel crafted by the renowned Rhode Island architect, Philemon Sturges. Sturges was celebrated for his capacity to seamlessly integrate buildings with their surroundings. Constructed in 1965 as his personalized home, this modern home graces about five acres of spectacular waterfront home at the stop of personal Clamshell Rd on Poppasquash Point. Sturges’ legacy in architecture endures through this extraordinary dwelling, where by each individual detail echoes his commitment to the timeless principles of Mid-Century Contemporary style and design.


Boothden: Calvert Vaux’s Colonial Revival Gem

Middletown, Rhode Island

Boothden- Photography By Aaron Usher

Architect Calvert Vaux crafted the first Boothden in 1883 for the globally acclaimed Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth, who was also the more mature brother of Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth. This seaside Queen Anne Adhere Fashion dwelling is a prime illustration of Vaux’s skill in adapting historic designs to make modern day nevertheless timeless homes. Calvert Vaux, an English-American architect and landscape designer, reached prominence as a result of his collaborations with his protg and junior lover, Frederick Regulation Olmsted. Vaux’s attention to detail each within and outside the household showcases his capability to seamlessly blend the past with the current, leaving an indelible mark on Newport’s architectural landscape. Rhode Island architect David Andreozzi restored Boothden to its former grandeur soon after a complete restoration in 2016.

Bancroft on the Bluffs: Historic Masterpiece Transformed into Luxury Oceanfront Residences

Middletown, Rhode Island

Formerly regarded as Bancroft Residence, Bancroft on The Bluffs is a prestigious luxury oceanfront household advanced. Set on a 4-acre elevated oceanfront landscape, the house features breathtaking views of the Rhode Island coastline and the Atlantic Ocean. At the coronary heart of this advancement is the wonderfully restored Bancroft Home designed by John Chandler Bancroft in the late nineteenth century as his summer residence. Bancroft was acknowledged for his contributions as an artist, businessman, and member of a progressive team of New England landscape painters. In 2006, Bancroft Household underwent a transformative conversion into luxurious condominiums comprising nine private residences.

The primary Bancroft Property, built by architect William Ralph Emerson in 1893, boasted a handsome Shingle/Arts & Crafts Cottage. Frederick Law Olmsted, the visionary at the rear of New York’s Central Park, contributed a stunning Chinese backyard garden overlooking the rocky bluffs and drinking water. This charming house served as a favored haven for neighborhood artists, which includes stained glass artist William LaFarge and painter Thomas Eakins.

Anna Pell Home: A Timeless Haven in Newport’s Historic Coronary heart

Newport, Rhode Island

In the coronary heart of Newport stands a brightly painted Victorian dwelling, recognized as the Anna Pell House. This three-tale Unique Revival Swiss Chalet is nestled in Historic Hill, one particular of the city’s oldest neighborhoods with Victorian abodes lining cobblestone streets. At first part of a verdant backyard bought by Samuel Vernon in 1782, it grew to become the Anna Pell House in 1870. Anna Pell, the terrific-grandaunt of the late Senator Claiborne Pell, hosted lavish get-togethers here for a long time. Transitioning from a solitary-family mansion to a two-device assets, it has gone through meticulous renovations, preserving historic facts though incorporating present day conveniences. Spectacular architectural aspects include fireplaces, fir flooring, radiators, and the primary mahogany banister.


These architectural treasures narrate the fascinating saga of our regions identity. Lots of homes in addition to the 4 outlined right here have been influenced by celebrated architects, landscape designers, and artisans. Want to master more about residing in Rhode Island? Contact (401) 680-6588 or mail a message to [email protected].

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