Our Summer 2024 Newport County Bucket List

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Summer is in full swing in Newport, RI, and that means it’s prime time for fun! Our agents have dished on their favorite ways to experience the true essence of Newport. Whether you’re looking for classic activities or hidden gems, we’ve got you covered. Get ready for a summer unlike any other in Newport




Newport Jaguar Tours

Take a private tour in a classic Jaguar around Newport’s most iconic spots and attractions. Half-day tours in the morning or afternoon are available, as well as a day-long outing. Popular tours include Colonial and Victorian Architecture, Hollywood in Newport, HBOⓇ Gilded Age Locations, The Kennedys in Newport, and Day Trips. Or cruise in style to wine tastings, art galleries, scenic vistas, and more.


Music at the Fort

Bring your beach blankets and chairs for a night of music at the historic Fort Adams. Bands including The Ravers, the Rhode Island Youth Stage Band, Those Guys, and more grace the stage this summer. Arrive a little early for a self-guided tour of the restored north overlook with views from the top of the Fort walls. A beautiful way to spend the evening on the waterfront and enjoy an unobstructed view of the sunset over Jamestown. The season starts Wednesday, June 12 with tentative events scheduled for Wednesday, July 10, Wednesday, August 21, and Wednesday, September 18.


Private Picnic from Stoneacre Picnics

Stoneacre Brassiere, 28 Washington Square, offers high-end, full-service, private picnics. Packages include setup and cleanup, pillows for seating, low wooden picnic tables for dining, all utensils and dining ware, greenery, lanterns, umbrellas, and other necessary items.


Drinks on the Lawn at Castle Hill

Cruise along Ocean Drive and soak in one of the best sunset views in Newport. A Seat on the Sea is a Newport tradition! Relax in an Adirondack chair overlooking Narragansett Bay and watch the parade of boats sail by. Chairs are first-come, first-served from 11:00 am to sunset daily.


Newport International Polo Series

Photo Credit to Jean Kirby

View a friendly polo match each Saturday from June to September at the polo fields in Portsmouth, RI. Whether you’re seated on the lawn or at the pavilion, you’re guaranteed to have a fun time! Pack a picnic or sample on-site concessions as you watch America’s first polo club compete with teams from major US cities and around the world in exciting and action-packed matches. Be sure to catch the opening and closing ceremonies, the world-renowned polo half-time “divot stomp” while you enjoy the company of friends old and new on a summer’s day in Portsmouth, RI.


Sunset Drinks on The Rooftop at the Vanderbilt Hotel

Sip a cocktail and enjoy fresh New England cuisine while taking in a rooftop view from the Roof Deck at The Vanderbilt Hotel. Boasting one of the only roof decks in Newport, The Vanderbilt Hotel offers panoramic views of the Newport Bridge, Goat Island, Fort Adams, Newport Harbor, and the rooftops of some of the oldest architecture in the United States. The best part? You don’t have to be a guest of the Vanderbilt Hotel to enjoy these breathtaking views.


2024 International Tennis Hall of Fame Enshrinement Weekend and Infosys Hall of Fame Open

Watch as the 2024 Hall of Fame inductees are enshrined at the International Hall of Fame and stay for the Infosys Hall of Fame Open! Enjoy a week-long series of events on the only grass tennis courts remaining in the United States. Tickets for the Enshrinement Weekend offer admission to cocktail parties, box seats, an autograph session with inductees,  the post-ceremony Enshrinement Reception, and more. Keep the fun going all week with tickets to the Hall of Fame Open featuring tournaments and exhibition games with some of tennis’s best players.


Hike Through Norman Bird Sanctuary

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With over 300 acres and 7 miles of marked trails, the Norman Bird Sanctuary is one of Aquidneck Island’s hidden gems. Hike to Hanging Rock and get a bird’s eye view (pun intended) of Sachuest Beach, the famed St. George’s, and Sachuest Point Wildlife Reserve. Or take a leisurely walk on one of the Sanctuary’s free guided bird walks.

Kayak or Paddleboard Narragansett Bay

Mobile Kayaks offers free delivery and pickup to three convenient spots on Aquidneck Island. They rent kayaks and paddleboards seven days a week. Due to limited availability, advance reservations are requested. Whether you’re a kayak or paddleboard pro or just testing the waters, they’ve got the gear for you.

Newport Preservation Society’s Summer Dinner Dance


This year, The Preservation Society’s Summer Dinner Dance embraces the theme of La Fête du Jardin. Hosted at the Elms mansion, this elegant evening unfolds under a tent in the renowned garden, with music provided by Bob Hardwick Sound. After dinner, guests can dance the night away with DJ Mad Marj beneath the majestic 100-year-old beech trees. As a significant fundraiser for the Preservation Society, proceeds from this event will support projects aimed at preserving the Elms for future generations to enjoy.


Tour Fort Adams State Park

Take a guided or self-guided tour of one of America’s most significant forts, Fort Adams. Explore its history from pre-revolutionary earthen cannon emplacements to its crucial role during World War II, and discover how it helped shape and protect our nation. After your tour, take the 2.5-mile Fort Adams Bay Walk, where you’ll loop around the Fort’s perimeter and have unobstructed views of Newport Harbor, Jamestown, Newport Bridge, and Narragansett Bay.


Harbor Cruises Aboard The Gansett

Enjoy a complimentary Del’s lemonade while you tour the Bay aboard the M/V Gansett, a restored 49-passenger, 50-foot lobster boat built in Maine in 1969. The 75-minute narrated sightseeing tour gives you unique facts about Nepwort’s coastline and breathtaking views of Castle Hill, Fort Adams, and the Newport Bridge. It holds 49 passengers and is available for public-ticketed and private charters.

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If you’re interested in renting or purchasing a home in Newport County, or its surrounding communities, Hogan Associates Christie’s International Real Estate would love to help you start your journey. Call us at (401) 680-6588 or send a message to [email protected].

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